Tuesday, September 3, 2013

September Currently

It's that time again... Currently time that is!
I just love these monthly currently blogs and I can't wait to go back and see what I've accomplished and what I still need to work on from previous posts.
If you would like to participate, and I hope you will/do, then head on over to Oh'Boy 4th Grade and link up.

I'm pretty sure I don't need to explain most of these but I will explain the bottom portion; this is the "Love Yourself Spot." In this section you were asked to write about three things you want to accomplish this month that make you happy. 
1. I love running, but my arthritis keeps me from exercising as much as I use to. I want to start exercising for a minimum of 2 hours per week this month and work back up to running 5+ miles a day. 
2. Make more time for me - I spend about 99% of my "free" time working on lessons, researching ideas for school, working on projects I was assigned from my principal, etc. This month I want to take time out for myself and do the things I love like reading, playing video games, and spending more time with friends and family. 
3. There is nothing I can do to change annoying policies (no tennis shoes ever =0 ), unnecessarily long meetings, or all the other small things that happen within a school building, district, state, or nation. My new motto is "Smile and nod and get on with you day!" and  "If I can't change it, I don't need to stress about it!" 

I hope you all had a wonderful August and I'm excited to hear all about your plan for September! Let me know if there is anything special you would like me to blog about this month or any questions you have that I can address. Have a wonderful night! 


  1. I love your 3 things to do. I need to work on worrying about things I can't change to. Happy to find your blog!

    Thirsty Firsties

  2. The new corollas are so pretty! I would love it in white. *yay for being your newest blog lovin follower... drop by *

    Just Wild About Teaching