Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Back to School... A Peek into my classroom

Happy Wednesday everyone! I just started back to school, yesterday actually, and I've been very busy sitting in hours days worth of professional developments, collaborative meetings, and beginning of the year orientations. We've been so busy that we've only been give around an hour and a half in our classrooms over the past two days! Crazy right?

I wish I could show you more, but since we haven't had much time in the rooms I don't have very many pictures. I did, however, want to give you all a little peek into my room now and hopefully I will be able to give you some much improved pictures tomorrow =D

Let me start by saying this, I have the most AMAZING janitor ever!! When I arrived at school yesterday I was dreading trying to unstuck all of my super heave desks (they are solid metal and seat 2) but when I arrived to my classroom I found that my room furniture has already been set up!!! Yes, my amazing janitor set up all the classrooms on my hallway (sorry to my co-works who didn't have this done for them). I do have some random desk and chairs in my room, since they decided to use my room for storage over the summer, but Mr. J said he would take care of them for me.

Ok, I'll let you see my very blank classroom now. I'm almost embarrassed to show it to you all.

See, I told you it was very blank. Today I managed to change the look, in a negative way, during my lunch break. I brought in all my car would hold and just throw it on the desks because I had no time to unpack; I still have about 4 car loads worth of supplies I need to bring in. We aren't lucky enough to be able to leave any supplies/resources in our classrooms over the summer so it makes it very difficult to get organized when you only have 30 minutes.

I was able to get most of my hallway bulletin board put together. I really had to improvise because our Principal told us yesterday at 2:00 that she wanted everyone to have a tropical/Hawaiian type theme. I was planning on a super awesome space theme so I didn't have any tropical supplies with me. I think for getting it put up in the hour that I had today it has turned out pretty cute. I can't wait to work on it tomorrow and add some fish with book titles written on them and a cute book sleeve to the scuba diver's hand.  I'm thinking about making a mermaid/man too. 

Tomorrow we have a few hours to devote to working in our rooms before Open House starts at 1pm. Hopefully I will be able to get my boards finished up and hid all my supplies before the parents get there. 


  1. Psst, you are gonna LOVE your SmartBoard!

  2. Isn't it just a bit overwhelming when you first walk in to your classroom after the summer? I always just stand there wondering where to begin! Looks like it is starting to come together for you!
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