Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Trading Spaces Tuesday - Comparing and Contrasting

Welcome to Trading Spaces Tuesday! Shanon is not at "home" today. She is off visiting Teaching with Nancy to share about her really cool vocabulary strategy. So she left me in charge of her blog! I'm Stacy from Teacher's Take-Out. I've taught 2nd-4th grade for the past 16 years. 3rd grade was my favorite grade to teach. I now run my own tutoring business and work with students one on one. I wanted to THANK Shanon for letting me host today and for all of you for letting me share with you today! I am sharing my Comparing and Contrasting Writing.
 Free Compare and Contrast Writing

Here is a fun little activity to do with your students to brush up on their Comparing and Contrasting writing skills. Students can use the Venn Diagram to help them compare/contrast the two penguins or they can use the writing page to write out full sentences. These printouts are perfect to put at a writing center, to use as part of your comparing and contrasting lesson or to send home for homework!  Either way, your students will love comparing and contrasting! Now what can be better than that? Thank you for letting me share with all of you today! Shanon will be back soon!

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  1. Cute freebie, Stacy! Thanks for sharing it. I'm using Mr. Popper's Penguins with my fifth graders who struggle, I think I'll use the Venn Diagrams and have them do their next writing assignment with them. :-) Nice having a plan done for next week!
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