Friday, October 25, 2013

Five for Friday ~ October 25

What, two post in one day? I just couldn't resist posting my Five for Friday linky this week! We really had some fun and I can't wait to tell you all about it! If you would like to link up, head over to Doodle Bugs Teaching and share your 5 things that you've done this week.

Today's the day! The Super Sleuth Blog Hop is live!!!! You can start here or head over to Stop #1. Make sure you get through all 28 post and collect all of your clues. At the end of the hop you will be able to solve the mystery and enter to win 1 of 6 $30 TPT gift cards donated by all of the amazing bloggers. But don't wait to long, this hop ends at 8am Monday, October 28! 

To get the kids pumped up for Red Ribbon Week and National Anti-Bullying month my school hosted a door decorating contest. I just love being creative and letting the kids express themselves without worrying if it's CCSS related. Everyone on my hall decided to decorate their doors for Red Ribbon Week and I wanted my kids to stand out! I decorated our door to teach about bullying. After reading some informational, yea I still tied in the standards, books about bullying my students wrote thought bubbles about ways they can help prevent bullying at our school and in our community. 

During my lunch break I saw something moving outside my window. When I looked out there was a fox! Yes, a fox! By the time I fished my camera out of my bag he had walked to the edge of our field but I still managed to snap a quick photo of him. I swear he knew I wanted a picture because he just stopped, sat down, and the second I snapped the picture he got up and walked away down our nature path! He sure was beautiful. I love wild life, and being this close to the city and seeing a fox made my day. 

My fifth graders were just dying to do something fun. With our fall festival coming up, tomorrow actually, I wanted to tie in some fall activities. After reading some informational articles about scarecrows I gave them a "fun day" to make scarecrow heads. They loved making these little guys! 

I had my very first project funded this week!!!! How exciting! I requested an ipad mini and a Microsoft Surface to use to help my kids build their reading skills. I was very lucky to have Chevron's Fuel your School Program fund over $800 of my project. My project was funded Monday and I received  my tablets Thursday around 3pm. I couldn't believe how quickly they shipped out and arrived. I've been playing with them both and downloading tons of apps and books for my groups. I can't wait to reveal these to my students on Monday. 

As you can see, I had an AWESOME week! How was your week? What are your top 5 things that happened? Link up and let us all know. 


P.S. I've started my own giving page. Currently I have no projects listed. If you have a reading related project listed on DonorsChoose, that  you would like me to promote, leave me a message with a link to your project. I really want to get 3-5 projects posted before the weekends over! I'll review your project and why you want it added and let you know if I pick yours.


  1. I would love to send you information on my Donors Choose project for you to look at. Here is my page. If you would like me to email it to you, I would gladly do it! Thank you!

    Jennifer Worley

  2. I love Donors Choose. Congrats on getting your project funded. I currently have one listed for Nooks. Here's the address: I still have to finish up writing the grant to get books, but the Nooks will be a wonderful addition to my classroom. Thanks so much for doing this.