Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Trading Spaces Tuesday ~ Early Finishers Ideas

Good morning everyone. I'm super excited today because I have Deniece, from This little Piggy Reads, guest blogging for me! She's wonderful and I know you are going to love reading her blog post! 

Hi, I'm Deniece from This Little Piggy Reads

Today I'm here Guest Blogging for Shanon at A Day in The Life of a Title 1 Teacher.  I also teach at a Title 1 School (in Texas).  For 9 years I was a Reading Teacher, but this year I'm living my dream of working with GT Students.  My gifted students often express their favorite thing about coming to my class is being challenged.  A quick way to challenge students in an inclusion classroom is through early finisher activities.

Two years ago, we were given a list of requirements and people would come around with checklists to make sure we had fulfilled the requirements.  I, of course am a "rule follower" so I always had the requirements fulfilled.

One of our major requirements that year was to have Early Finisher Activities. I chose to put up a BOGGLE board. I'm sure you've seen them on pinterest.  The results...my students absolutely LOVED it. They loved competing and finding words worth 5pts.  I gave out prizes (usually a pencil, eraser or a peppermint) immediately for students who found 5pt. words.  

Today I am sharing a cute, winter themed game called SNOGGLE!  

Do you have Fast Finisher Activities in your classroom?  
How do you provide differentiation?
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  1. Totally cute as can be. I can't wait to use this with my kids, Deniece! Thanks for sharing it. Carla
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